Vacuum pot is also sometimes called a coffee siphon or Vacpot . This is a very original way of preparing coffee , which is not very suitable for daily use, but you are guaranteed to always amaze visitors. It works on the principle of two glass flasks on top of each other.

The lower vessel of the Vacuum pot with water is heated with a torch, as a result of which water vapor passes into the second flask at the top, where it is mixed with coffee . Then the burner is removed and the coffee drips down again by cooling the bottom flask.

However, thanks to the filter between the two flasks, the coffee grounds remain separated at the top. The only things you have to buy from time to time are coffee filters (paper or cotton).

Advantages of Vacuum pot:

- Unconventional coffee preparation that will amaze the audience

- All colors and tones of the resulting coffee stand out here

Disadvantages of Vacuum pot:

- Higher investment in the form of Vacuum pot and filters

- More complex and time-consuming coffee preparation

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How to make coffee in Vacuum pot?

Coffee intended for preparation in Vacuum pot should be ground to a medium degree, similar to filtered coffee . It is recommended to use about 75-80g of coffee per liter of drink. Count on the fact that part of the water evaporates during preparation, ie for example from 120 ml of water and 10 g of coffee you get about 100 ml of drink.

Instructions on how to prepare coffee using Vacuum pot

  1. Pour the appropriate amount of water, preferably hot pot, into the bottom of the vVacuum pot to speed up the cooking process
  2. Insert the upper Vacuum pot sweat container, to which you have previously attached the filter with a spring
  3. Ignite the burner under the lower container and wait for the water to evaporate into the upper flask
  4. Wait about one minute and then turn off the burner
  5. When the coffee flows through the filter back into the lower container, it is ready for consumption

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