Chocolate Troubelice

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The family chocolate factory is located in Troubelice in Moravia . The idea of ​​making chocolate was born in 2002, with an idea coming from František Bačík st. In Troubelice, they decided to try to make chocolate from high-quality raw materials without using other vegetable oils than cocoa butter, no additives, white sugar and lecithin .

The first import of cocoa products took place in 2010 and the first table of truffle chocolate saw the world in 2013 . Chocolate is 100% Czech production from design and production of packaging, chocolate production and packaging .

Chocolate from Troubelic is hand-made and each is originally in its own way . They use cocoa beans, cocoa mass, cocoa butter and panel - a solid sugar cane juice that is a healthy sweetening option.

All cocoa products and panels used come from Ecuador , the equatorial country of South America. Ecuadorian cocoa beans are among the best and most famous in the world for their exceptional aroma and flavor.

Chocolate Tubes bitter 83%, 45g

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Bitter 83 % chocolate , bitter chocolate with acidic undertones of cocoa beans, sweetened cane juice panel.

Chocolate Tubes bitter 75%, 45g

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Price CZK75.00

Bitter 75% chocolate , pleasantly bitter with a delicious flavor, sweetened cane juice panel.

Cocoa mass, 200g, chocolate oven Troubelice

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Cocoa mass is the basic raw material for the production of high-quality chocolates , made from exceptional Ecuadorian cocoa beans.