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The principle is very simple - if you drink more than 2kg of coffee per month, contact us and we will send you a wholesale price list. You can save at least 20%. To process the order, we will need the order amount, billing and delivery address.

For the wholesale price list, please write us: [email protected] 

A lot of music for just a pittance

It is totally unnecessary for the company to buy (at a high cost) overpriced coffee from world brands when their quality is at most the same (if not lower) than freshly roasted coffee from our shop. If you think you are not getting as much coffee as from a hypermarket, consider what is the difference in the price of freshly roasted coffee compared to "hypermarket". By paying less than 1Kc more for 1 cup, you will get a richer and more delicious coffee and you'll show that the employee is not indifferent to you. Employees are going to recognize the change of coffee, they will enjoy it more and they will be delighted that you think about them. The positive stimulation of caffeine will result overchieve and work efficiency at your workplace.

The reasons for buying our coffee are many times mentioned on our website (see section Why buy coffee with us ) - our coffee is different from other coffees. To guarantee a delicious flavor and aroma, coffee is always freshly roasted and stored for less than 14 days before your order.

Your employees will definitely appreciate the freshly roasted coffee and you will be rewarded by their approach to work! Want to know more? Contact us!

Regular intake of caffeine increases the output of your employees

A cup of coffee made from bean coffee contains approximately 70mg of caffeine, it has stimulating effects that last from one to two hours after drinking. These effects affect the cerebral nervous system, increase mental abilities, suppress drowsiness, long-lasting feeling, fatigue (including mental fatigue) and beats depression.

According to studies 2-4 cups of roasted coffee a day are beneficial and have no detrimental effect on the body. The amount of caffeine in a cup of coffee is about 50% higher than the amount of caffeine in a cup of tea!

Caffeine increases performance and endurance during intense and long-term stress. It also stimulates brain receptors that react by activating energy.

Source: Author: User "Admin" at (license CC 2.5)