Most people drink coffee today, but a large part also makes mistakes in its preparation. It is clear that not everyone has a professional coffee machine at home, but alternative coffee preparations also have their charm. Clearly, the purchase of the necessary tools will be cheaper for you, and moreover, these alternatives do not require such art as lever coffee machines. Nevertheless, even here it is possible to make mistakes. So what factors can play a role in the fact that you don't like your and selected coffee as much as when you have it in your favorite cafe?

1. You don't have good coffee

Simply put - you bought poor quality beans or the coffee is too old. Ideally, we should drink coffee about a month after roasting, and if you buy coffee in regular stores, you can never count on it being fresh. It may be cheaper, but you will definitely not enjoy it. As coffee ages, it loses its flavor and it all tastes the same. If you want to play more with aroma and taste, be sure to reach for freshly roasted coffee, for example from one of the selected Czech roasters.

2. The coffee is ground for too long

Even if you buy good coffee, you don't have to win. If you let it grind straight, but do not drink it within a reasonable period of time, coffee will lose its taste. A reasonable time horizon means, for example, a week, and even that is not exactly ideal. If you really want to enjoy your coffee, always grind directly the beans that you consume immediately . Cheaper, hand grinders and digital scales will also serve you well, you don't have to invest thousands in electric grinders.

3. The coffee is poorly ground

But definitely avoid electric grinders with knives , because they will just destroy your coffee. Never grind the beans evenly and it will be very difficult to hit them with the same coarseness of ground coffee, and this is essential for the consistency of the results of your coffee efforts. Each coffee preparation requires a different degree of grinding roughness so that the coffee can reach its full potential and you can always enjoy it in the same way.

4. You store the coffee incorrectly

The idea that coffee should be stored in the refrigerator is perhaps a refuted myth today. Coffee absorbs various odors well, so old ground coffee will serve you well if you want to get rid of the smell in the refrigerator. Of course, coffee alone won't do much good. However, the truth is that coffee should be stored ideally without access to air and light . For example, various vacuum vessels can help you with this.

5. You make too much coffee at once

We know that sometimes you need "good coffee", but on the other hand, coffee changes its taste if we let it stand and be ashamed for a long time. Especially in In the case where we brew coffee, for example, in Frenchpress, when we always get some amount of coffee grounds into the cup, and this is further infused. But if you don't want to give up your big mug, then it's better to choose filtered coffee.

6. Bad temperature when making coffee

You pour coffee too hot or too cold water. The temperature of the water you pour coffee on should be between 91-96 ° C , otherwise you will never achieve a perfect result. Also, watering filtered coffee requires a certain hand and art. You monitor the temperature with a thermometer, the exact pouring is guaranteed by a kettle with a special spout, and special electric kettles can easily help you with both at once.

7. You don't really know what you want

And it certainly doesn't matter , we are all still learning. But it's good to find out what you like and not be afraid to try new things - experiment with different preparations, coffee, degrees of grinding and roasting, taste and enjoy it , play. It is good to study each of the preparations we want to try well and not be afraid to watch the baristas closely at work, or to ask them what they are doing.

A good guide on your journey to good coffee can be numerous coffee publications and magazines, which are widely published today, as well as our written procedures for preparing coffee, read here .