On this page you will find a summary of the basic parameters of properly prepared espresso drinks. On the one hand, it is a matter of course, on the other hand, unfortunately, there are a large number of cafes in the Czech Republic that prepare drinks in their own way. Therefore, the following information is especially useful in a cafe, where you can often know at a glance whether the coffee is prepared correctly , or it is just a secondary activity in which they prepare coffee just to be and the taste for them is not in the first place.

Why is it good to know or how to choose a good cafe?

Also remember that a good espresso must come from a lever espresso machine and be prepared by a barista . If you see a coffee machine in a cafe, which is quite common, you can watch how long the coffee flows out of the lever. In bad cafes they often do not have a properly adjusted grinder, so coffee usually flows out too fast, it is watery, sour, tasteless and fleshless. You can easily calculate the espresso properly, so it should flow out of the coffee machine correctly for 25-35 seconds.

You can read detailed information in our article on espresso preparation .



Classic espresso has a volume of 30 ± 5 ml and is prepared on a lever coffee machine. Coffee prepared in this way is the basis for many other drinks, when it is most often combined with milk or water. Another variant of espresso is doppio or double shot in English, it is a double dose of espresso with a volume of 60 ml.

Volume: 30ml, + -5ml

Cup: 60-90ml

The basic drink from which others are prepared.



Espresso supplemented with hot water, most often in a ratio of about 1: 5. This coffee is served in a large cappuccino cup with a volume of 150-180 ml

Volume: approx. 180 ml

Cup: 150-180 ml



Drink with a volume of 150 to 180 ml of espresso and whipped milk. Whipping milk must never exceed 65 ° C, so you can never burn yourself with a properly prepared cappuccino.

Volume: 150-180 ml

Cup: 150-180 ml

Latte coffee


It is a drink with a volume of more than 250 ml. It has a larger volume and a larger proportion of milk foam than cappuccino. A variant of this coffee is latte macchiato, in the preparation of which the whipped milk is poured first and then the espresso.

Volume: 250-300 ml

Cup: 280-330 ml

Flat white


It is served in a cup with a volume of about 160 ml and it is a doppio espresso topped with milk foam. It is therefore a coffee similar to cappuccino, but with a higher coffee ratio.

Volume: 160 ml

Cup: 160-180 ml

Macchiato espresso


It is an espresso in a classic 60-90 ml cup topped with milk foam. The ratio of coffee to milk is again higher, but it only uses the classic 30 ml espresso.

Volume: 80 ml

Cup: 60-90 ml

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