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coffee to work If you like nad enjoy GourmetKava, there it no better feedback than if you recommend it further. And where else do you know it better than at your work? Although it may sound a little odd, there are plenty of reasons why to try it.

Why to recommend our coffee at your work?

  1. Because of you! :-) Imagine that you come to work and want to have a good coffee, but unfortunately all you have is coffee of poor quality, so you either spoil your taste or you do not get anything and you get tired soon.
  2. Your boss could appreciate a good tip for an area where he can save extra money. We deliver the coffee to companies at significantly better wholesale prices depending on the quantity of regular consumption. It would be a shame not to exploit it.
  3. Fresh coffee increases productivity. It's very easy - when the employees have a good coffee, they enjoy it more, and since coffee contains caffeine, it will also encourage them to solve a new tasks more effectively. Nobody wants to sit tired over a new task after lunch, not even an employee.

What do you get for it?

Unfortunately it won't ensure you for the rest of your life :-) More about matter of money it's about supporting us if you enjoy what we do and you sympathize with us. However, if everything goes well and we make a deal, you will get at least 250g pack of coffee for you or your acquaintances. It makes sense that it depends on the quantity, if you take 10kg, we'll be happy to present you more, but even small companies with a purchase of 1-2kg are welcome. There will be gift for everyone.

What to do?

You can suggest it at regular meetings, or whenever it comes to this topic, then all we need is someone to contact us at [email protected], all we need to know is just your coffee quantity for 1 month, so we'll offer you the price and the decision is always up to you, no one is going to force you.

Photo - David Baron from Palo Alto, California, USA (Mozilla Toronto Uploaded by Skeezix1000) [CC BY-SA 2.0]