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What is an aeropress? Aeropress is a completely new and very popular way of making coffee, combining filtering coffee through paper and applying pressure. Aerobie, which manufactures Aeropress in the USA , claims that it is possible to make espresso coffee in it, but it is not that simple. Espresso Aeropress doesn't really create. Coffee is more like filtered coffee , ie drip , but pressure and finer grinding make coffee fuller than drip. Above all, however, Aeropress offers great variability and there are many recipes for how to prepare it .

It is possible to create drinks from 50 to 200 ml, it is possible to experiment with the roughness of grinding and it is even possible to try different water temperatures. Aeropress does not have one right preparation method. Another great advantage of Aeropress is its unbreakability, light weight and compactness , thanks to which it is perfect for traveling and making coffee in nature. Compared to other methods, it requires a minimum of worries with cleaning, the whole product only needs to be rinsed with water after use.


  • the pressure gets even more flavors from the coffee compared to filtered coffee (drip)
  • by filtering through a paper filter you will achieve beautifully clean coffee without dust
  • the opportunity to try different types of preparation, to play with the preparation time and the roughness of grinding
  • you determine how long the coffee will be extracted, ie it is up to you when you press the plunger
  • easy to wash and unbreakable
  • low price of filters, 350 pcs for approx. 120 CZK
  • Great for traveling, thanks to its weight and unbreakability
  • the Porlex Mini or Rhinowares Mini grinder can be inserted into it
It is ideal to grind fresh coffee just before each preparation. At the aeropress, the coffee is ground to a sand consistency . The roughness is the same as on a mocha teapot . However, it is possible to experiment with it.


Preparation time: 1.5 min (30 s pre-extraction, 30 s extraction, 30 s compression)

Amount of coffee: ideally 6 grams / 100ml

In general, there are 2 basic methods of making coffee in an aeropress. The first, when Aeropress stands with the filter down and the second, when it stands upside down with the filter, is therefore called the reverse method . The first method has the disadvantage that as soon as you start pouring hot water over the coffee, at that moment the coffee will start to pass through the filter, which is not yet fully infused. The reverse method completely eliminates this shortcoming, because the tube is sealed with a piston from below and the filter is placed on top of the Aeropress. Therefore, we recommend the reverse method, which we will describe below.

Instructions on how to prepare coffee using aeropress

  1. Insert the paper filter into the Aeropress strainer and rinse it with hot water to remove the residual paper aroma from the filter.
  2. We recommend rinsing the mug or serving container into which Aeropress will be prepared with hot water . This is very useful if you do not want the resulting drink to cool down.
  3. Grind the coffee roughly to the coarseness of the sand, grinding is the same as when preparing a mocha teapot. Grinding can be experimented with; in general, the finer the grinding, the shorter the extraction time.
  4. Boil water (preferably filtered) to 93-95 ° C.
  5. Pull the plunger out of the Aeropress, turn the bayonet upwards and pour in the ground coffee .
  6. Pour in about 50 ml of water and let the coffee pre-extract for 30 seconds , during this time the coffee will get rid of the excess CO2 that freshly roasted coffee contains. This step allows better extraction in the next step.
  7. Slowly pour in the rest of the Aeropress content in a circular motion and then mix the coffee.
  8. Attach the prepared rinsed filter, extract for 30 s and then depress the piston for approx. 30 s . The total beverage preparation time should be about 1.5 minutes.
  9. Enjoy your coffee :-)

What can you find about Aeropress on the manufacturer's website?

"I also need to add my enthusiastic recommendation to this machine from many others for making coffee. You need to taste it first to believe how good it is. coffee can prepare. I own every conceivable facility for the coffee, but since what Aeropress found its way into our house, my two vacuum pots and drip Technivorm just gathering dust. ", Kevin Knox, a specialist in the coffee industry with 28 years of experience, author of Coffee Basics.

" Properly prepared, AeroPress can offer high-quality espresso-style coffee as well as an excellent cup of American-style coffee. In fact, it produces much better espresso than many home appliances , twenty or thirty times more expensive," said Kenneth Davids, author of Coffee: A guide to Buying Brewing and Enjoying "," Espresso: Ultimate Coffee "," Coffee Roasting: Romance and Revival ", editor of the portal.