In the world there are two basic kinds of coffee, that coffee plants, and arabica, short Arabica Coffee and burly, ie. Coffee Robusta.

Arabica coffee Robusta coffee

comparison arabica vs. robusta

Predominant type: r - robusta, a - arabica, m - both similarly

Arabica coffee

Arabica coffee is more demanding to grow, requires more care and a better climate - this is again reflected in the price , which is significantly higher . Compared to Robusta, it has a much better aroma and taste . It is also interesting that, compared to robust, it contains about half the amount of caffeine . In terms of share in world production, arabica has a much larger share, namely about 80%. In good cafes, it is a matter of course to serve coffee from freshly roasted 100% arabica . However, in some cafes that do not rely on selected coffee or suppliers, you can unknowingly "enjoy" coffee that contains robusta, which degrades the entire beverage.

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Robusta coffee

In short, the main differences between arabica and robusta coffee are price and quality. The quality of robusta is significantly lower , it often has a very earthy, for some even unpleasant taste. The second significant difference is the price , which is about half that of an Arabica coffee tree - this has its justification. Robusta coffee bears fruit in 2-3 years, is less demanding to grow and more resistant to pests (does not need so many herbicides), all this affects the price, and so it is very often used in coffee blends, where manufacturers reduce production costs , it could to say that they often deceive consumers a bit like this. You can also find robusta coffee in high-quality branded blends, and in Italy it is even allowed to offer coffee with the 100% arabica label even if it contains up to 10% robusta coffee. However, there is nothing wrong with robusta coffee if it is properly labeled. Thanks to its higher caffeine content, it has increased stimulating effects - it is suitable for a proper "kick". However, coffee lovers enjoy it very muchrarely. However, it is well usable as a stimulant.

Coffee selection - Arabica or Robusta?

So the choice is yours - if you are a gourmet and you like to indulge in high- quality coffee , which you can enjoy for its taste nuances and softness - we can only recommend Arabica coffee.

However, if you belong to the part of the population that uses a cup of coffee only as a kind of stimulant in the form of a supply of caffeine, then Robusta coffee is certainly not a bad choice.