What is french press? French press is a perfect invention with which you can make many times better coffee at home than you get in a cafe. The purchase price is already in the order of a few hundred, of course, it depends on the brand and design.

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French press is definitely a great choice for everyone who likes to drink a classic Turk and would like to start making coffee with a better method. Unlike a Turk, coffee should only be extracted for a few minutes . Then substances that are not tasty or healthy for our digestion are secreted into it from the sediment. In Frenchpress you can prepare coffee just like "turk" - you only pour hot water over the ground coffee. But then you filter the coffee thanks to the sieve. This will make the coffee cleaner and tastier .

For very little money, you will definitely get tasty coffee from the French press. Just follow a few basic preparation rules that are common to all French presses, regardless of price, brand or size.


  • low purchase price
  • very easy to prepare
  • easy maintenance
  • you don't have to buy any filters, etc.
  • you have perfect control over water temperature and extraction time


It is ideal to grind the coffee always fresh just before each preparation. For frenchpress, the coffee is ground relatively coarsely to the consistency of crystal sugar . If you have a larger amount of fine coffee grounds in the resulting drink, we recommend grinding the coffee even coarser next time.

How to prepare coffee in french press?

Total preparation time in french press: 4 minutes

Coffee volume: for 300ml (for more volume choose more coffee)

Amount of coffee: 18g (ratio 6 grams / 100ml)

Instructions on how to prepare coffee using a french press

  1. Prepare water at a temperature of 93-95 ° C. Use ideally filtered water.
  2. Grind freshly roasted coffee in the amount of 6 grams / 100ml of water , but you can make coffee weaker or stronger, according to your preference. The coffee should be groundroughly to the consistency of crystal sugar.
  3. Pour the appropriate amount of coffee into the french press container and pour about 100 ml of water. Mix well and wait 30 seconds . This step can be skipped, but it removes the excess CO2 from the coffee, which is especially present in freshly roasted coffees. CO2 prevents perfect extraction of flavors, so it is good to get rid of it before complete pouring.
  4. Add the rest of the water and let it extract for 3 minutes , do not stir the coffee.
  5. Stir the coffee and wait 1 minute for the coffee to drop.
  6. Then push the piston down . You don't have to push it in any way, the piston does not serve to compress the coffee, ie it squeezed out the last remnant of water from it, we don't want these flavors in coffee.
  7. Drain the whole coffee immediately and serve. Coffee should not remain in the French press so that it is no longer brewed.