When you order Turkish coffee in a café, they will bring you a cup of hot water with a loaf. In the Czech Republic, this preparation of coffee is common and many people have not abandoned this method of preparation, even though the preparation of coffee from presses and coffee machines is better and perhaps healthier. The Czech Turk is a classic , and many of us would not be able to do without it in the morning.


But real Turkish coffee looks different. And most importantly, it tastes different. The difference is really significant. If you want to prepare Turkish coffee, you will need a special cone-shaped container called a jazz.

And its original Arabic name is cezva , according to Ottoman Turkish, jazz is pronounced correctly. This name is widespread throughout Europe and is used by the vast majority of Slavic languages.

The casserole is made of copper and contains an elongated handle for easy handling. On the market you can also find jazz made of stainless steel , brass, silver or steel.

Making Turkish coffee is a ritual you should spend time on . It's not as fast coffee as boiling a Czech Turk with boiling water, but it's worth it.

Are you interested in the whole preparation of Turkish coffee from jazz? We have written a complete manual .

What is Turkish coffee like?

Turkish coffee is strong, full of taste and aroma. The advantage is that it has almost no log. If you like, you can add cream. You can also change the taste of the coffee by adding spices such as cardamom or cinnamon while boiling. If you get used to Arabic coffee, you will no longer like the classic Czech Turk.