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A very old method of making coffee , which is not very unknown in our country, but it even competes in the world. Coffee from jazz tastes completely different from coffee from watered or pressure extraction. The sediment is not separated from the extract here, as is the case with other preparation methods.

Sweetening coffee and adding spices during preparation is also a bit strange , but it is based on a long tradition. Jazz coffee naturally contains a sediment in the drink, which may not suit everyone. It is also necessary to watch the entire preparation process so that the coffee does not overflow :-) But it also brings many benefits, see below.

Why jazz Grinding roughness Instructions for preparation Everything to prepare


  • different taste from other methods of preparation
  • tradition of preparation
  • jazz is also suitable as an interior or kitchen decoration
  • easy maintenance


It is ideal to grind the coffee always fresh just before each preparation. The coffee is ground very finely to dust on the jazz, such grinding cannot be achieved at home on a regular grinder, so it is either possible to recommend grinding in a shop (for example in our country). When grinding at home, you can grind the coffee coarser and then grind it in a mortar, or buy one of the few suitable grinders such as Lodos Istanbul .


Total preparation time: up to 3 minutes

Amount of coffee: ideally 6 grams / 50ml, jazz coffee is traditionally drunk in smaller cups, but larger portions can be made, it's up to you :-)

Instructions on how to prepare coffee using a jar

  1. To prepare coffee in a jar, it is necessary to grind the coffee beans as finely as possible , up to the form of a powder, or to buy ground coffee straight away, for example, the coffee Efendi from Turkey .
  2. To prepare the right Turkish coffee with a sweet spicy taste, place the jazz on a heat source, add about 20ml of water, sugar and spices (such as cardamom). Wait until the water with the sugar starts to boil and caramel is formed. Two teaspoons of coffee and one teaspoon of sugar are usually dosed per cup of coffee . However, you can skip this step and prepare only the coffee itself in a jar.
  3. Add coffee and add the rest of the water to two-thirds of the jazz.
  4. Wait until the coffee starts to brew and until the foam reaches the edge of the jar. Then remove the jazz from the cooker and add a small amount of foam to the cups.
  5. Bring the coffee to the boil again and repeat the same procedure twice more. So we brought the coffee to a boil 3 times.
  6. We set the coffee from the jazz aside for a while and leave it alone for 30 seconds so that the sediment drops. We can circle it with jazz so that the coffee washes off the walls.
  7. Pour the coffee into cups.