Cold coffee really doesn't mean the one you forgot and it cooled you down :-) We're talking about a completely different way of preparation. Have you ever thought that you would not pour hot water over coffee , but cold ? If not, it's time to fix it.

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What is cold brew?

By default, fresh coffee is poured with water around 93-96 ° C and the extraction is then very short. In cold brew, cold extraction in hot water is replaced by slow extraction in cold water for several hours . Simply pour cold water into the freshly ground coffee in the evening and let the coffee soak, ideally around 12 o'clock . The next day you have prepared an incredibly good coffee, which differs from the classic one mainly by higher sweetness, lower acidity and chocolate and fruit tones .

Cold brew coffee is full of flavor and refreshing, you will definitely not need to "destroy" coffee with ice cream or flavored syrups. In addition, the preparation of cold brew is almost without work , it is only time consuming. However, if you make coffee in the evening, you can be sure that you will have an amazingly good refreshment in the morning.

Cold brew coffee maker

A great helper for preparing cold brew is the Hario Mizudashi coffee machine . Preparation with it is incredibly comfortable and thanks to the fine sieve you are guaranteed a perfectly filtered coffee. Be sure to prepare a cold brew at home, you will be surprised by the great taste of this drink .


  1. Make freshly ground coffee. Choose a coarser degree of grinding, as for frenchpress or even more. We recommend that you always use freshly roasted coffee and grind it just before brewing. Single-cold coffee is very suitable for cold brew.
  2. Pour cold water into the coffee in a ratio of ideally 1 part coffee to 10 parts water . Let the coffee grounds soak for an average of about 12 hours. You can place the container in the refrigerator.
  3. Filter the resulting beverage , eg in a Hario Mizudashi coffee machine (see photo), which already has an integrated filter. But you can also use your favorite frenchpress or dripper .
  4. Enjoy the rich sweet taste of cold coffee :-)

Video recipe for cold brew coffee (English)

Recipe for iced cold from brew coffee

We also have a recipe for iced cold brew coffee. On hot days, throw a few ice cubes into the resulting drink and the perfect iced coffee from the coffee machine will be born. It is a coffee of incomparably better quality than iced coffees that you buy in a supermarket or coffee chains.

TYPES: You can also experiment with the above procedure , for example try shorter or longer extraction times. 30-hour extractions are no exception. You can also play with a lot of coffee. It all depends on your taste. You can also make tea this way! Cold brew made of green tea is an absolute delicacy.