Hario Mizudashi 600ml cold coffee machine

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Hario Mizudashi coffee machine for iced coffee preparation by cold brew extraction. Capacity 600ml.

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Have you ever thought that the water you pour over coffee doesn't have to be hot at all? Try pouring cold water over the coffee and letting it extract for a few hours. The result is really worth it!

In this case, the fast extraction in hot water is replaced by a slow extraction in cold water. Thanks to the low temperature of the water, more flavours penetrate into the resulting beverage that normally have no chance of showing up in coffee prepared in the classic way. The resulting drink will be full-bodied. Cold water extraction ensures that less acidity penetrates and the coffee is swe eter.

The Hario Mizudashi coffee machine is the perfect tool to prepare this so-called cold brew. The preparation is more than easy. Just pour medium coarsely ground coffee (50g) into its filter and pour in cold water. Then put the coffee machine in the fridge for about 8 hours. You will really love the result.

After use, just rinse the filter under running water. The coffee maker contains an integrated filter, so you don't need to buy any more filters.

You can add ice cubes to your coffee and serve iced coffee prepared in an unconventional way that will amaze everyone :-)

Capacity: 600ml (5 cups)

Material: heat-resistant glass, plastic

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