Making green coffee is different from the traditional method. The green grains are harder and at the same time more flexible than the roasted ones we are used to. Therefore, we recommend soaking green coffee in lukewarm water for half an hour to an hour to soften it a bit.

The green beans can then be crushed with a mortar or coffee grinder . However, take extra care not to damage the grinder, or put it in water for a few tens of minutes.

After grinding, pour 2-3 teaspoons of green coffee about 300 ml of hot water and let it infuse for 5 minutes . Then strain the drink or drink it straight away. The taste of the coffee will be different from the standard one and will be slightly sour.

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Roasting green coffee - classic coffee

You can also roast your coffee at home and have your own original coffee. There are several methods and they differ in the quality of roasted coffee, labor and acquisition costs, and it is true that the cheaper the method, the more demanding the roasting is and it is not easy to achieve perfect results. But as the saying goes, everything goes :-)

Hand coffee roaster

For this method, we will describe roasting using the Kaffia Hand Coffee Roaster , which you can buy from us :-) Prepare about 30-50g of green coffee . Preheat the roaster for about 1-2 minutes. Then pour in the coffee beans and circle with a roaster. After about 2 minutes, the grains begin to change color. After about 8 minutes they will be yellow and you will hear a slight crack . The roasting process usually takes about 13 minutes. Be careful not to burn the grains by long roasting. In general, the darker the color of the coffee bean, the more natural acidity is suppressed and the bitterness and vice versa. The coffee can then be emptied through the opening in the holder.

The original method of roasting on fire and pan

The fire can easily replace j akoukoliv hotplate, so you will have a stable heat source, ie. It will be quite a bit easier. So there is no need for complicated methods and it is enough to return to the basics of roasting, when coffee was originally roasted nadohněm. In its modern form, a pan is enough to pour on the grains , turn on the stove fully and roast while stirring , it really does not want to underestimate it, because then it would be burned on one side and not roasted on the other. For a better result, it is possible to drip a few drops of water.

When roasting , the coffee beans will still partially release the top skin, which can be blown apart if you are in the kitchen, I recommend going out on the balcony or outside, so that you do not have skins all over the kitchen :-)