Every coffee lover will be happy to prepare a delicious drink from freshly ground beans. In addition to initial conditions, such as country of origin or altitude, the taste of coffee is affected by several factors. A very important factor is whether it is freshly ground , so it is best to grind it just before the preparation itself and get the best out of the taste. If you are a real connoisseur, you would never buy pre-ground coffee. This is already weathered and, in addition, may not suit the degree of grinding required for a specific coffee preparation.

The coffee grinder must be set correctly to grind the coffee to the correct roughness. There is a difference between the types of grinders. Chisels and grinders with grinding stones are used. If you want to achieve several slightly different degrees of grinding, be sure to use a grinder with grinding stones. From the chisel, the coffee will never be ground as finely as in a hand grinder and the roughness will not be even.

What coffee grinder to use?

  • Use a hand or electric grinder with grinding stones

  • The chisels never make coffee evenly

  • Even though buying ground coffee is not an ideal option, it is still better than using a chopper

Each method of coffee preparation requires a different type of grinding. The shorter the leaching time, the finer the grinding.

And what are the coarseness of grinding coffee for a specific preparation?

1) Very fine grinding of coffee

is recommended for making Turkish coffee in a jar . The consistency is similar to plain flour or powder.

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2) Fine grinding of coffee

is suitable for preparing espresso or aeropress (with a preparation time of 1-2 min). Roughness is like a little finer table salt. If you buy already ground coffee, it will probably be ground like this.

3) Medium-fine grinding of coffee

is probably the most common. It is used for preparation in drip or aeropress (with a preparation time of 2-3 min). It is a little finer than sand, but not as fine as finely ground.

  • Drip

  • Aeropress (preparation time 2-3 min)

4) Medium coffee grinding

is the golden mean between fine and coarse grinding. It is also used for drip , in preparation in vakuum potu or aeropress (3+ minutes). The consistency is like sand.

  • Vacuum pot

  • Aeropress (preparation time 3+ more minutes)

  • Drip

5) Medium coarse coffee grinding

Suitable for mocha teapot , Chemex or Clever dripper . The roughness is like coarse sand (a little coarser than medium grinding).

  • Moka teapot

  • Chemex

  • Clever dripper

6) Coarse grinding of coffee

is recommended for french press . Coffee ground in this way looks like sea salt. For preparation in Frenchpress, it is better to have coarsely ground coffee - the beans will not penetrate through the sieve into the drink and the sediment will remain at the bottom.

TIP: Definitely don't be afraid to experiment! It pays to grind fresh coffee and in time you will get a slight distinction of individual roughnesses in the eye.

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