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Dos Mundos

Dos Mundos means "Two Worlds" in Spanish. Two worlds because the world of green coffee meets the world of roasted coffee in a roastery, and they chose the Spanish name in this roastery because Spanish is spoken in much of the country where coffee is grown.

In the Dos Mundos roastery, they try to constantly improve , travel to inspire the world, try a lot of innovations in the field of coffee preparation, watch important personalities, compete, prepare news for customers. And they really enjoy it. Their goal is to offer really great coffee . Their philosophy is to make the coffee perfect before the end consumer. That is why it trains baristas not only in our country, but also for all customers . It is not a large roaster and their capacity is limited, so they do not need to sell their coffee to anyone. They work with people who have the drive, enthusiasm, desire and energy to take selected coffee one step further .

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