Yerba mate preparation time: 1-2 minutes

Volume: 350ml (we do not recommend using larger kalabas)

Quantity: 70g (approx. 1 / 2-2 / 3 containers)

Instructions on how to prepare yerba mate in kalabase

  1. Fill the container to about 2/3 yerba maté . For 350ml it is about 70g of yerba mate.
  2. Pour the small particles of yerba mate tea into the bottom and side. To do this, cover the container with your palm, turn it to a horizontal position and shake it gently. Then return the container to its original position so that the yerba mate remains at a 45 ° angle. This will ensure that the bombilla (straw) does not become clogged.
  3. Then put the bombilla (straw) in the part where it is not maté .
  4. First pour in a little warm water (around 50 ° C) and let it soak completely into the maté.
  5. Then add the rest of the water about 70 - 80 ° C warm to the place where the bombilla is, and you can suck through the bombilla. Do not stir the drink after refilling the water.
  6. After drinking to the bottom, you can refill Yerba maté with warm water several times .
  7. The first infusion of tea is very strong. Then you can just enjoy your drink.

!! TIP FOR EASY PREPARATION: Yerba maté tea can also be prepared using a french press , pour down the yerba maté, pour hot water over it and after about a minute you just have a sieve and you're done.