Kalabasa Ceramics

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The best way to enjoy Maté tea is certainly from the traditional South American vessel of Kalabasa. Sipping Maté with this utensil will add a whole new dimension to your tea experience :)

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Thetraditional Kalabasavessel is made by hollowing out a gourd plant, known here as kalabasa or Indian cucumber. Kalabasas began to appear in Europe in the late 17th century. Instead of the classical material, other materials such as the popular ceramics became widespread. The advantage of ceramics is certainly its durability and ease of maintenance; unlike gourds, the walls of a ceramic Kalabasa do not get wet and therefore do not mould.

Drinking through a Kalabasa adds to the unusual atmosphere, but of course these containers are also popular for their functional qualities - easy to make, the drink doesn't burn your hands, the Kalabasa doesn't leak, is lightweight and keeps the drink warm.

Place 2 - 3 teaspoons of maté leaves into the calabash with the bombilla inside. Water heated to 80 degrees is poured over a metal straw, ensuring that the maté does not burn. The refilling process is repeated until the maté is strong and tastes good. Maté can also be drunk sweet by adding sugar to the maté leaves in the calabash.

The volume and height of the container are only indicative, each calabash is original. The height ranges from 9 cm - 12 cm, the volume ranges from 300 - 600 ml, depending on the shape and height of the container.

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