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Coffee Brasil Santos, 100% arabica

In stock
Price €5.43

Brazil is the world leader in the production and export of premium quality coffee beans . The most well-known and most popular is 100% Arabica Brazil Santos. Price: 429 CZK / kg

Coffee Cuba Lavado, 100% arabica

In stock
Price €5.85

Lavado coffee from the southeast of Cuba will surprise you with almost zero acidity and a distinctive taste of bitter chocolate and caramel. Price: 499 CZK / kg

Arabica from all over the world - 1kg, convenient packaging!

In stock
Price €20.38

Do not know what 100% arabica coffee to choose? Buy from each one smaller, ie 4x 250g packet of coffee beans and pay attention to 47 CZK ! Total 1kg of roasted coffee .

Coffee Guatemala Trés Maria, 100% arabica

In stock
Price €6.48

Guillermo coffee Trés Maria excels with its perfect balance and pleasant sweetness complemented by the taste of ripe tropical fruit. Price: 544 CZK / kg

Coffee Costa Rica Tarrazu, 100% arabica

In stock
Price €5.85

Tarrazu is a very fine and superbly balanced coffee of high quality coming from the extinct volcanic mountains of Costa Rica. Price: 504 CZK / kg

Coffee Colombia Supremo, 100% arabica

In stock
Price €5.85

The volcanic soil of the Andes Mountains gives each grain of Colombia Supremo coffee a unique flavor and strong aroma. Price: 499 CZK / kg

Coffee Brasil Fazenda Rainforest, 100% arabica

In stock
Price €6.06

Extremely low acidity and chocolate flavor combine in the Brazil Fazenda Rainforest coffee, the purchase of which will support the idea of ​​an environmentally friendly and socially friendly way of growing coffee . Price: 509 CZK / kg

Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo, 100% arabica

In stock
Price €5.64

Ethiopia gave coffee its name according to Ethiopian Kaffa Province, so it is not surprising that one of the best coffee in the world is grown there. Price: 464 CZK / kg


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