Výběr moka monvičky

In Italy, where the world's first mocha teapot was born, it is part of more than 90% of all households. Even in our country, however, the mocha teapot is now becoming one of the best-selling alternative coffee preparations . Therefore, with this article we will try to help you choose a teapot so that you can enjoy it as much as possible.

What kind of coffee will he make for me?

When Alfonso Bialetti patented the first mocha teapot in 1933, the legendary mocha teapot Bialetti was born. He was led to this invention by the desire to allow every Italian in Italy to prepare the delicious espresso he is used to from a café in the comfort of his own home . The coffee prepared by the mocha teapot will be strong and in a small volume of about 50 ml per 1 cup. Of all the alternative coffee preparations, it will be the closest to quality espresso .

Moka kettle aluminum or stainless steel?

The first question that everyone should ask themselves before buying their first mocha teapot is the choice of material . The very first Bialetts produced were made of aluminum. The reason was quite interesting. Italy had large reserves of bauxite, from which aluminum is obtained, and in order to force Italy to use it, Mussolini declared aluminum to be Italy's national metal. Stainless steel was banned for Italy.

However, aluminum has a small advantage over stainless steel. It conducts heat very well, and after a short time, the inside of the aluminum coffee machine is covered with a patina, thanks to which the teapot retains a pleasant coffee aroma , and the coffee from it tastes a little better.

People are most concerned about its effects on human health. However, food grade aluminum , from which today's aluminum utensils are made, has nothing to do with aluminum cutlery and utensils known to our previous generation. If we make one or two coffees every day in the teapot, there is no need to worry.

You can use the aluminum mocha kettle on any type of stove except the induction hob. It will therefore work on gas, hob, ceramic hob.

If you are looking for a mocha teapot for induction, your choice is limited to stainless steel mocha teapots . You can choose between all-stainless steel teapots or teapots that have at least a stainless steel bottom. The upper part can already be made of aluminum, ceramic, etc.

Moka teapot for how many cups?

If you have already opted for the material, the choice comes teapot size. In our store, we often meet customers who tend to buy a teapot as large as possible to make coffee in it themselves, even if there is a large number of visitors.

However, the preparation of coffee in a mocha kettle has certain specifics. To prepare the coffee the way the teapot should taste, you should:

  1. Pour as much water into the bottom container as will fit on the safety valve
  2. fill the funnel with the whole ground coffee and level, do not squeeze
  3. the coffee to water ratio should be 1:11

The alchemy of making coffee in a mocha teapot is a little more complicated, but you can read the article about Making coffee in a mocha teapot at ease. However, these 3 rules are to keep in mind.

If you buy a teapot for 6 cups and you want to prepare only 2 cups in it, you will intuitively give less water and less coffee. However, the necessary pressure will not be created in the teapot and the resulting drink will not be as it should be. And we think that would be a shame. Therefore, when choosing, think about how many people you will most often make coffee in .

If you still prefer larger cups than about 50 ml, you can top up the resulting drink with hot water . This is the simplest and probably the most gentle way to "dilute" strong coffee. The result will be the so-called Lungo, which in Italian means "long", "diluted". Only in the case of Lung, top up the prepared coffee with hot water in a ratio of 1: 1, in the case of Americana the ratio is 1: 5.

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Can I put less water and less coffee in the mocha kettle?

As mentioned above, less water and less coffee will result in a slightly different drink than if you fill the mocha teapot whole. You don't have to worry that if you put less water or less coffee in the kettle, it won't work. However, operation can no longer be guaranteed if the amount of water and coffee used falls below 50% of the original amount.

When determining the amount of water and coffee, always keep in mind the coffee to water ratio of 1:11 .

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