If a drip tray for preparing filtered coffee really has style and a beautiful design, it is definitely a Chemex drip tray. The invention, which saw the light of day in the USA in 1940, when it was originally invented by the chemist Dr. Peter Schlumbohm, got into the prestigious collection of modern design MOMA for 3 years.

The author himself claims that "even the largest oven can prepare excellent coffee with the help of Chemex." In order for you to make the best possible coffee prepared at Chemex, we have written a brief preparation guide for you.
Whatever size Chemex you choose ( we offer all sizes, ie 3, 6, 8 and 10 cups ), we definitely recommend using the original Chemex folded paper filters , which are also available in our e-shop .


  • beautifully pure coffee full of flavor
  • easy preparation
  • easy maintenance
  • you don't need a serving kettle compared to a dripper
  • design

GROUND ROUGH: medium coarse grinding, slightly coarser than drip

It is ideal to grind the coffee always fresh just before each preparation. At Chemex, the coffee is ground relatively coarsely, a little coarser than at drip, ie about the consistency of semolina sugar.


Total preparation time: approx. 4 minutes

Amount of coffee: ideally 36 grams / 600ml

Instructions on how to prepare coffee using Chemex

  1. We will prepare coffee beans, for example 36 grams and 600 ml of filtered water with a temperature of 93-95 ° C , which we will use for pouring coffee in Chemex. We will also need a stopwatch to measure time. The total preparation time is around 3-4 minutes.
  2. First we grind the grains a little coarser than in a dripper, chilli to grade 7 on an imaginary ten-part scale ( medium coarse grinding ).
  3. Insert a Chemex filter into the upper part of the container , which is rinsed with hot water . We also rinse the container, which will heat up and not cool the coffee.
  4. Pour the coffee into the filter and bend it slightly with the container so that the coffee spreads well, and then brew it with about 50 ml of hot water . Carbon dioxide begins to be released from the coffee, which prevents proper extraction.
  5. After 30 seconds, slowly pour in the water in a circular motion , preferably with the same flow. For this purpose, for example, a Hario Buono kettle with a narrow neck is perfect.
  6. Chemex coffee is ready and you can serve it. The final extraction time should be about 4 minutes . If the drip time was faster than 3 minutes, the coffee was probably ground too coarsely.

TIP: Of course, what always depends on your own taste. If you find that your coffee has a weak body, next time try to grind the coffee a little finer and reduce the coffee to water ratio. If, on the other hand, you find the coffee too bitter, grind it a little more roughly next time and increase the coffee to water ratio. At the same time, try to keep the same water temperature and the same extraction times.