Capsules for Nespresso ®

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Do you have a Nespresso ® coffee maker and want to make coffee significantly cheaper or want to drink a whole new coffee, but still want to use your coffee maker? We offer rejuvenated SealPod capsules and our own Gourmet Coffee capsules with fresh coffee.

Refillable Sealpod Capsules

You may still remember that we once offered EMOHOME or Capsul'in capsules, and we both delivered the solution because SealPod is the market leader for us in many ways. The main advantage is stainless steel, which guarantees 100% harmlessness and lifetime use , furthermore it is much more precise when creating the cream and the volume of espresso coffee. A large test of alternative capsules compatible with Nespresso® coffee makers can be found in this video (English) , where the SealPod is still labeled with the old BigSis label. Nespresso ® is a trademark of Société des Produits Nestlé, SA

Gourmet coffee capsules with fresh coffee

Do you want ready-made capsules of freshly roasted coffee ? We let our coffee be encapsulated right after bruising . The capsules are additionally protected against the escape of aroma and access to oxygen, so the coffee remains fresh for a long time. And the price? Only less than CZK 7 / capsule, which is a significant monetary savings compared to the original capsules .

Sealpod capsules for Nespresso®

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Price €19.74

Stainless steel refillable Sealpod capsules compatible with Nespresso® coffee makers to prepare fresh coffee of their choice at fractional cost. Including stickers!

Sealpod Stickers 100pcs

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Price €9.85

Aluminum stickers to seal the Sealpod capsule for coffee making in the Nespresso ® coffee maker . Content: 100pcs

2x Sealpod capsules for Nespresso ®

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Price €35.56

2x pack of 1pcs of reusable Sealpod capsule for making coffee in Nespresso® coffee makers . Including stickers! Keep one capsule in reserve when the other is in a "machine" ;-)

Capsules for Nespresso® Brasil Santos 20 pcs

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Price €5.50

Pack of 20 capsules with freshly brewed coffee Brasil Santos - 100% arabica . Selected coffee roasted in the Czech Republic, 100% arabica, price advantage of about 35% per capsule, protective package guaranteeing long lasting freshness.