Capsules Sealpod Cleaning Kit - Nespresso ® cleaning kit

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The great pair for cleaning and descaling will take perfect care of your Nespresso ® coffee machine and prolong its life!

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A set for perfect cleaning of your Nespresso ® coffee machine.

Descaling powder (150 g) - Descaling is the key to optimal coffee machine performance!

After some time of using your appliance, mineral stone settles on the heaters and hoses, which prevents the water from being properly flushed at the optimum pressure and temperature, which can result in insufficiently extracted coffee with a weaker taste. Sealpod Descaling Powder rinses everything thoroughly, its effect lasts longer than when using vinegar and does not leave an unpleasant odor and taste, which affects the aroma and taste of your cup of coffee.

Cleaning capsules (2 capsules per pack) - Did you know that your coffee machine is a breeding ground for bacteria and other impurities?

The cleaning capsules will help remove any residual oil and dirt to make your cup of coffee more hygienic and tasty.

What is the difference between cleaning and descaling?

The cleaning capsule cleans the front of your appliance and removes old coffee oil and bacteria from the brewing chamber.


The descaling powder acts on the back and heater of your appliance and helps you maintain the optimum temperature and water pressure.

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