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fresh coffee Fresh coffee - roasted every week

In order to supply our customers with fresh coffee, it is roasted according to the size of the request, every week! We do not store coffee longer, so it does not degrade in quality. This is what supermarkets do, where the time from roasting, through the "journey" through warehouses to local warehouses and sellers' shelves is usually more than 1 year! The rule is simple - you will not get fresh coffee at the supermarket! We think it's already logical because of the sales principle (long storage time, long shelf life ...). Just realize it.

Reasonable price - quality content, not advertising

We already told you something about the quality coffee, but it does not end there, we have to pack, mark, transport. We choose a cheap and simple but elegant black packaging and a minimalist version of the elegant label. The reason is simple. You pay for quality coffee, not an ornamental package. Similarly, it is also marketing, where we try not to invest in the advertising at the expense of the decrease in product quality or price increase, so you will not find us in the media, on billboards, etc. The quality of our coffee is further disseminated through customers' satisfaction, therefore if you are satisfied, recommend us!

100% arabica and clear origin

All of our coffee is 100% arabica , except India's Cherry coffee and Pura Vida espresso blend - the so-called exception that proves the rule. :-) The reason is simple, arabica type coffee has a better aroma and taste. Our coffee is not a mix of coffee from a vague origin from all over the world, as it is customary for branded coffee, where you still have not even ensured that it is 100% Arabica. Our coffee is always labeled with the country of origin and the area where the coffee was grown - so the customer knows what he drinks and he can see what is typical of the area.

We are a 100% Czech company

Our coffee is roasted in the Czech Republic, it makes sense even for the quality of the coffee itself, and only in this way can we guarantee fresh coffee. GourmetKava sro is based in the Czech Republic and pays all taxes here and employs local residents. If possible, we also support local products such as the Lodos mill manufacturer. Our coffee is roasted with the presence of a human element, it is not a unified "eurocoffee".