Green coffee - beans Everyone knows traditional brown roasted coffee and its aroma. However, few people already know green coffee . These are pre-roasted coffee beans which, thanks to this, contain far more antioxidants and acids, which are lost through roasting.

How does green coffee help you lose weight?

The most important acid is chlorogenic acid , an important antioxidant which, together with caffeine, prevents the absorption of sugar from food and its subsequent conversion into fat . It is thus a very suitable means of weight loss in combination with other physical activity and a reasonable diet.

In this combination, users talk about weight loss in the order of kilograms per month. In addition, according to some scientists, green coffee has a positive effect on diabetes or cardiovascular disease. In men, it may even reduce the risk of gallstones . It also has a positive effect on cellulite .

So far, no side effects are known, but it is necessary to use green coffee in moderation. Due to the fact that it contains more caffeine than standard roasted coffee, it can also serve as a quality natural substitute for various energy drinks . However, due to the high caffeine content, we cannot recommend green coffee to pregnant women, children under 16, or people with blood pressure problems, or diabetics.

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