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Especially on warm summer days, one will appreciate the iced coffee alternatives . There are countless types that differ in preparation and serving. Some of them are ready to eat immediately, others you can wait for a few hours. Cold coffee drinks are more suitable for experimentation than any other. There are definitely no limits to the imagination. In the following article, however, we will introduce you to the basic types of iced coffee.

Cold brew

cold brew coffee

Cold brew is a very simple alternative for preparation. This is cold-extracted coffee. For the preparation of cold brew, you only need frenchpress or use a special Hario Mizudashi kettle. Put coarsely ground coffee in the coffee machine and pour cold water over it. Cover the container and allow to extract for at least 12 hours at room temperature or in the refrigerator. Then all you have to do is filter classically. The coffee prepared in this way has a lower acidity and is sweeter. You can serve it just like that or with milk or on ice .

You can read more about the preparation in our article: Cold coffee

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Ice drip coffee (iced pour over)

Ice drip coffee (iced pour over)

The procedure is almost the same as when you prepare your favorite drip coffee via a dripper. However, ice is placed in the coffee container, on which the coffee drips and thus cools down. The extraction time and the ideal water temperature around 93 ° C remain the same. For preparation, you can use an ordinary decanter or beaker or a special Hario kettle with an ice dispenser.

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Cold drip

Cold drip preparing iced coffee

This is without a doubt the most effective preparation of cold coffee. A special drip set resembling laboratory aids is used for the cold drip method . It consists of an ice water container with a valve, a coffee container with a filter and a serving kettle. The valve is adjusted so that the ice water slowly drips onto the coffee, through which it then flows into the serving container. The whole cold drip process takes about 5 hours, depending on the coarseness of the coffee.

cold drip

Try non-traditional preparation with the Hario clear water dripper

Espresso on ice

espresso on ice

This is the simplest possible preparation of an iced coffee drink. Simply fill a glass with ice and pour espresso over it . Simple but good and guaranteed to refresh!


frappe iced coffee

This coffee is probably known to everyone who has ever been on holiday in Greece. It was created by accident in the 1950s in Greece, replacing cocoa in a children's shake with instant coffee. Instant coffee, sugar for seasoning, cold water and a shaker or blender are enough to prepare frappé. Whisk all ingredients into the foam, which is then topped up with cold water or milk. Serve ideally on ice in a glass with a straw.

There are various alternative frappé preparations, where, for example, ice or milk are already added to the mixer. An alternative to this drink is frappé freddo or espresso fredo, in the preparation of which espresso is used instead of instant coffee .


affogato iced coffee

It is more of a dessert than a coffee. Not surprisingly, this affogato delicacy comes from Italy, its base is a scoop of ice cream, which is topped with a cup of espresso . Be sure not to skimp on ice cream and choose the one made from real cream. Most often, affogato is served with vanilla ice cream, but you can experiment with flavors.