fresh coffeeVery often in our shop we encounter that customers want to buy freshly roasted coffee, but they don't want it to be sour. We believe that this feeling has been built up in each such new customer by drinking poor quality and old coffee from supermarket chains for a long time.

Such sour coffee is really no good and is almost undrinkable without sugar and milk.But its taste certainly cannot be blamed on the natural acidity of coffee (acidity).

Why coffee is acidic

Have you ever wondered what coffee actually is? You're probably saying to yourself, coffee is just coffee. Coffee is simply a fruit. And like most fruits, coffee has a natural acidity.

If it didn't. If you pick wild raspberries or blueberries on a walk in the woods, you wouldn't think that their natural slight acidity is a bad thing. It's the same with coffee.

A good coffee should be balanced. A slight touch of acidity should be replaced by a heady sweet aftertaste.

How to reduce coffee acidity

Buy freshly brewed coffee and you're halfway there. You'll discover all the flavours and aromas you can find in one cup of coffee, and you won't want to dull the taste of coffee with sugar or milk. The natural light acidity in coffee made from freshly roasted beans will taste just like biting into your favorite summer fruit.

Other possible reasons

  • Also, if the water flows through the coffee too quickly during extraction, then all the substances don't have time to pass into the water. The result is a bland taste with sour notes.
  • If the coffee beans are ground too coarsely, they let the water through too quickly, resulting in a sour coffee.
  • This can be exacerbated by low water temperature during flow.
  • The coffee beans in question come from a particular region, which gives a fruitier flavour specification.

Favourite coffees without acidity