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We pride ourselves on environmentally-friendly behavior, and therefore we bring you the possibility to simply and free of charge your old electrical appliances / batteries.

Consumers play an essential role in the management of electrical appliances and batteries. He is the one who decides what to do with the old appliance. Old and unnecessary electrical equipment and batteries do not belong in municipal waste containers.

The consumer must be informed by the symbols below that the relevant electrical equipment / batteries do not belong in the household waste. This marks all new electrical equipment / batteries. The symbol may appear directly on the device, on its packaging or in the instruction manual or in the warranty card.

How to get rid of old appliances / batteries?

  • through the public collection network of REMA System, which is intended for take-back, see
  • through publicly available collection network, which is intended for take-back, see
  • In case of batteries, it is possible to order a collection container - FamilyBox for the home , then ship the full container through the re: Package
  • in the case of quantities up to 20 kg it is possible to use the service re: Package
  • in the case of quantities over 20 kg and more, it is possible to use the BEY lazy service
  • at the point of sale at the stone shop address: GourmetKava sro, Manesova 49, 12000 Prague

Why recycle?

Not only electrical equipment, but also batteries and accumulators contain many recyclable metals such as zinc, iron, manganese, nickel, cadmium or lead. Some of these substances are also very dangerous for the environment and human health, especially mercury, lead and cadmium. Selected batteries are often marked with the symbol of the chemical element they contain (Pb, Cd, Hg). By bringing batteries and electrical equipment to the take-back point, we save primary raw material resources, especially by recycling materials, while protecting our environment from unprofessional disposal.