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Complete sets for coffee making

Do not you understand? We understand you! And so we have prepared thematic coffee sets of the Hario , Porlex and Kaffia brands . Do not be sad with our squad!

Do you want it all different? Choose individual products into your cart yourself :-)

Coffee subscription

Give your loved one a gift to remember each month. The subscription works by sending a coffee to the donor for the selected period, and for this commitment you get up to 20% discount on coffee and 30% on postage .

More about subscriptions and orders at

Arabica from all over the world - 1kg,...

In stock
Price €18.55

Do not know what 100% arabica coffee to choose? Buy from each one smaller, ie 4x 250g packet of coffee beans and pay attention to 52Kč ! Total 1kg of roasted coffee .

Hario V60 dripper package

In stock
Price €49.52

Fresh coffee Ethiopia Sidamo 250g grinder Hario Mini Mill Slim and ceramic dripper Hario V60-01 filters as a complete professional kit for making the perfect filter coffee.

GOURMET package

In stock
Price €74.08

Fresh Coffee Ethiopia Sidamo 250g, Aeropress Aerobie coffee maker and Rhinowares Mini coffee grinder as a trio that is very popular with travelers and other coffee gourmets.

Turkish package

In stock
Price €21.68

First-class Turkish freshly ground coffee Efendi 250g and handmade 250ml jelly for traditional and authentic preparation of excellent Turkish coffee .

French package

In stock
Price €21.79

French press is an effective and affordable preparation of delicious coffee. It contains a grinder, a french press kettle and 250g of coffee (100% arabica). Simply everything you need to prepare fresh coffee !

Mocca package

In stock
Price €32.28

Brazilian Santos fresh coffee 250g, Kaffia 6 cups of stainless steel and the Lodos Temp mill , this set will give you a strong Italian espresso style coffee.

Coffee Subscription from GourmetKava

In stock
Price €51.20

Fragrant pleasure of fresh coffee. Every month, another freshly roasted coffee! Order coffee for 3/6/12 months ahead with a discount of up to 25% .

Gift Voucher

In stock
Price €19.78

Do not know how to buy a gift? Just get a gift voucher for the gift , for which he chooses exactly what will make him the most delighted .

Coffee maker + Rancilio mill + 1 kg of Brasil...

Last items in stock
Price €810.80

Ideal espresso kit : Rancilio Silvia E homemade espresso coffee maker and Rancilio Rocky Electric Mill . Become one of these high-quality two-time professionals in preparing a home-made espresso . As a present you will receive 1kg of coffee Brasil Santos :)