Have you bought fresh coffee and would you like to keep its taste and aroma for a long time? Today we're going to look at how to actually store coffee properly so that it doesn't go off and keeps its fresh aroma for as long as possible. What shouldn't be missing in the home of anyone who is serious about coffee?

Buy coffee fresh, straight from the roaster

The only way to ensure great taste and freshness is to buy coffee in smaller quantities straight from the roaster, for example, we'll give you coffee roasted every week.

Coffee beans are the fruit of a living plant, and as such have a limited shelf life. This doesn't mean it will spoil, but its flavor and aroma will change significantly. The only way to increase its shelf life is to immediately remove it from its original container after opening and store it properly. You rarely buy coffee in a properly sealed package.

Coffee beans have three arch enemies, and these are oxygen, moisture and light. Therefore, if you want your coffee to retain its full flavour, we recommend storing it in airtight jars in a dry place without light or heat, otherwise it will deteriorate. Ideally, vacuum jars are the most effective at preventing oxidation and thus extending the life of coffee by up to 50%. Take a look at our Coffee Storage section and you'll be sure to find a selection.

And if you don't currently own a coffee shop,avoid coffee makers with integrated coffee containers. While they tend to be neat and save you work and space, which are undoubtedly great advantages, the coffee often tends to run out in these containers if you don't process it quickly. For example, they are more suited to offices where many coffees are brewed daily.

coffee storage

Can also be used for ground coffee

The airtight containers help us preserve the aroma not only for beans, but they can also be used for ground coffee, which we recommend. Ground coffee oxidizes even faster than beans. 

The jars can be conveniently stored on a shelf in the pantry, hidden in a cabinet in the kitchen or displayed on a shelf. We love coffee top to bottom, so we'd prefer to look at it all the time. We really like setting the jars into the interior using wooden beds

Baskets and crates are a popular home accessory this year, which make it easy to build your own furniture, such as a coffee table or living room wall, or in our case, just a shelf for coffee crates, Frenchpress, coffee grinders, etc. You can also simply bolt a few boxes to the wall and you'll have original shelves where you can display your coffee collection and always have it on hand.

Storing coffee in the freezer? No!

There's a myth going around the world that it's a good idea to store coffee in the freezer, don't do it, coffee is not meat or spinach. The freezer problem occurs because of high humidity and when thawed, condensation on the walls of the bags or jars. Also, many "zip" bags and other closures are not functional in freezing weather because they lose their elasticity. This storage is therefore not recommended.

Storage of coffee is not difficult, just follow a few basic rules and you are good to go. With a good quality airtight jar, in a dry place and without access to light and heat, your coffee will stay fresh for a long time.