Vacuum jar 250g, clear, Coffeevac

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Vacuum jars are used to store coffee without access to ambient air, thus prolonging its freshness and preserving its aroma for longer.

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Vacuum jars are suitable for storing coffee beans as well as freshly ground coffee. They prevent air access and delay the oxidation process of coffee and thus its degradation. Coffeevac canisters cannot exhaust all the air in the canister, but they prevent the release of aroma and the intake of new air.

Coffeevac jars are an ideal and inexpensive tool for storing coffee and should not be missed by anyone who is serious about coffee.

Capacity: 250g coffee / 225g tea

Material: plastic

Height: 13 cm

Diameter: 10,5 cm

Colour: black lid clear box

Designed in California, USA!

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Coffeevac Vakuová dóza - čirá černé víčko 250g

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