Kaffia manual coffee roaster

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Handmade ceramic coffee roaster, thanks to which you can prepare freshly roasted coffee at home in the kitchen, the taste, aroma and flavour of which cannot be replaced by anything.

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Themanual coffee roaster allows you to enjoy the pleasure of freshly roasted coffee in your home. Many people often try roasting green coffee using a pan or roasting pan, but there is a high risk of burning. The hand roaster transfers heat to the green beans via ceramic, which retains its own heat once thoroughly heated. Thanks to the slow circular motion, you will achieve evenly roasted beans in minutes, no burning and the unique shape means you won't spill beans.

Roasting procedure. For example, we recommend our Brazil Santos green coffee. Preheat the roaster for about 1-2 minutes. The roaster is not suitable for induction plates! Then pour in the coffee beans and circle the roaster. After about 2 minutes, the beans will start to change colour. After about 8 minutes they will turn yellow and you will hear a slight popping sound. Normally the roasting process takes around 13 minutes. Be careful not to burn the beans by roasting for a long time. Generally, the darker the colour of the bean, the more the natural acidity is suppressed and the bitterness comes out, and vice versa. The coffee can then be emptied through the hole in the holder.

Material: ceramic

Capacity: 30-50g

Colour: black

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