Fellow Prismo for Aeropress

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Fellow Prismo is a specially designed pressure valve designed for use with the AeroPress® coffee maker. This extension allows you to create pressure to create an espresso coffee .

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Coffee made with Prism has a dense, full body and intense intensity . Reminds coffee from a mug of jug or homemade espresso. Diluted with a small amount of water becomes a tasty American!

The device consists of a plastic thread and a reusable metal filter with 70 micrometer holes , eliminating the need for paper filters. Inside the outlet is a pressure-controlled valve , which opens only when the aeropress is pressed, creating a pleasant cream.

Everything about coffee making with Aeropress can be found in our Coffee Preparation section - Aeropress .

Body material - polypropylene
Valve material - silicone
Reusable filter - Stainless steel with 70 micrometer holes
Integrated seal - prevents leakage of coffee on the sides

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Fellow Prismo pro Aeropress Aerobie

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