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Vacuum Pot Hario TCA-2 Technica

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Vacuum Pot Hario TCA-2 Technica for the perfect preparation of filtered coffee combined with a fantastic spectacle. Suitable for 2 cups .

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Coffee roasted every week

If you are a real coffee maker and you are looking for a completely original, pure, perfectly filtered coffee , you will love the preparation of the Vacuum Potu coffee, which will make you look like a chemical lab.

Vacuum Pot The Hario TCA-2 Technica from Haro's glass- maker, the Japanese company Hario, will prepare you not only for a great coffee, but also a fantastic spectacle that will amaze everyone in the café or at home.

By heating the water in the bottom vessel, a demonstration of natural physical laws will actually begin when the water is expanding into the upper flask, where the extraction itself and by reducing the flame to the boiler, the water returns again to the bottom vessel without the coffee grounds, but with a full and pure taste .

The Hario brand is the cutting edge of your industry, so you can rely on precision , heat-resistant glass and quality metal and plastic parts.

Volume: 240ml
Height: 37 cm
Width: 15 cm
Depth: 15 cm
Weight: 1 kg
Contains: Vacuum Pot, burner, scoop and mixer in one, cloth filter

For more about this coffee preparation method, please visit our Vacuum Pot Coffee Preparation section !

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