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The best way to enjoy Maté tea is certainly from a traditional South American calabash jar. Sipping Maté with this utensil will add a whole new dimension to your tea experience :) Colour: subject to availability.

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Thetraditional kalabasajar is made by hollowing out a gourd plant, known here as kalabasa or Indian cucumber. Drinking through a calabasa adds to the unusual atmosphere, but of course they are also popular for their functional qualities - easy to make, the drink doesn't burn your hands, the calabasa doesn't leak, is lightweight and keeps the drink warm.

Theclassic shape and metallic silver rim make the gourd a versatile and pretty vessel for drinking mate.

Material: gourd, metal
Volume: 250 - 400 ml
Height: 9-12cm
Colour: natural

Each gourd is unique in its natural origin, which means it may differ from the one shown in the picture. The volume and height of the container are indicative only.

Currádo- cleaning the calabash before first use: if you have bought a natural calabash made from a gourd, you must prepare the calabash before first use, otherwise it may smell, pieces of flesh will peel off the walls and the prepared drink will have different aftertastes.

  • Sprinkle two-thirds of the calabash with maté leaves.
  • Pour 70°C water over the top of the calabash and leave to stand for 24 hours.
  • Discard the contents of the calabash.
  • Smooth the inside with a rounded object, such as a teaspoon. Carefully scrape off any bits of pulp that are sticking out with the end of the spoon.
  • Allow the calabash to dry and then repeat the process.
  • Pour heated caramel diluted with water over the entire calabash, or you can use thick undiluted caramel, which will only cover the sides of the calabash. After cooling, rinse the caramel with hot water. Instead of caramel, you can also choose warmed honey or maple syrup.
  • Let stand again for 24 hours and pour out the inside.
  • Now the calabash is ready for its first use :)

Preparationinstructions. Pour the water heated to 80 degrees over the metal straw of the bombille, this will ensure that the Maté does not burn. Repeat the refilling process until the maté is strong and palatable. Maté can also be drunk sweet by adding sugar to the maté leaves in the calabash.

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