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Elektrický mlýnek Hario V60 We are the first in the Czech Republic and one of the first in Europe to introduce a new novelty from the Japanese brand Hario. We missed the electric grinder in their assortment for a long time, but this wait was worth it, the Hario V60 EVCG-8B electric grinder is born !

Especially everyone who is just looking for a small or medium operation after an electric grinder should sharpen.

The Hario V60 electric grinder is perfect for grinding coffee prepared using the filtration method. You can easily grind your coffee directly into your favorite V60, Aeropress, frenchpress kettle, or straight into the lever for making espresso.

The mill has conical grinding stones , 44 degrees of adjustable roughness, a hopper with a UV filter, auto mode, a beautiful metal body and many other pleasant details.

We are simply excited about it, also because you always grind only the amount you currently need and do not store ground coffee in the hopper. Working with the grinder is so incredibly practical, pleasant and fast.

>> More information about the grinder can be found here <<

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