Coffee Francin Honduras Copan San Isidro 250g

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Taste great coffee from the Prague roastery of selected coffee Kafe Francin .

Taste: cocoa, rum, strawberries, bananas in choco

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Kafe Francin

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Read what Kafe Francin has to say about this coffee:

Anaerobic fermentation of coffee is no longer a big news. It's a nice variety, it usually has a similar basis, when the cup gets a more pronounced fruitiness and taste of cocoa, liqueur or whiskey. Yes ... it is a relatively difficult task for us, the heroes of the roastery, to recognize when the extravagance caused by fermentation is still nice, pleasant, undisturbed and when, on the contrary, after the second third drink from the cup, it starts to get on your nerves ... but with elegance and grace, walks our new addition from Honduras, which we enjoy with a strong and fresh taste . After pouring, a complete cocktail of exotica will jump on you! Sometimes we wonder what coffee to write and assign tastes to it, but here it's simple, bananas in chocolate, cocoa and rum! Very distinctive taste and our favorite in the field of original tastes!

Variety: Red Catuai

Processing: dry method, anaerobic fermentation 282 hours

Acidity: high

Farmer: Osman René Romero Melgar, San Isidro

Altitude: 1200 - 1270 m

Taste: cocoa, rum, strawberries, bananas in choco

Suitable for: filters, batch, french press

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