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Bonavita 1 l electric kettle (BV382510)

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Smart water kettle Bonavita with adjustable temperature , stems and narrow nozzle for precise watering. Volume 1l .

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Coffee roasted every week

The smart electric kettle from the American company Bonavita is the dream of every barista. Allows you to set the exact temperature at which the water should be heated to prepare the beverage properly. This temperature will keep you in the kettle for up to 60 minutes !

Bonavita has the ability to store up to 6 temperature modes according to your favorite drinks (green tea, filtered coffee, black coffee, etc.)

The kettle measures to an accuracy of 1 ° C. You can set the temperature between 60 ° C and 100 ° C. Add or remove the temperature at 1 ° C. At 100 ° C the water is heated up to 5 minutes.

The key feature of Bonavity is a narrow, long nozzle that makes pouring absolutely accurate, slow and even . Exactly what you need for professional preparation of filtered coffee in a dripper. You will also appreciate the integrated stopwatch .

The kettle has a rotating 360 ° C base and the touch panel is protected by a plastic cover.

Power consumption: 1000W
Material: Striped heavy stainless steel
Volume: 1 liter

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