Urnex Dezcal descaler 1l

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Professional liquid descaler (descaler) for espresso machines from the American brand Urnex. Quantity: 1l.

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Urnex Dezcal is a professional product of the American brand Urnex for descaling (descaling) of home and professional espresso machines. It can be used not only for coffee machines, but also for electric kettles.
Urnex Dezcal is a safe and biodegradable product whose safety is certified by NSF ( Dezcal does not damage the seals or joints of the coffee machine.

Instructions for use:

Descaling program: mix Urnex Dezcal with water in a ratio of 1:10. Pour the solution into the coffee maker tank and start the descaling program. Allow the solution to pass through the entire coffee machine. When finished, rinse the tank, fill with clean water and run through the machine again.

Bath: Mix Urnex Dezcal with water in a 1:10 ratio and immerse all components in the bath for 30 minutes. Then remove and rinse thoroughly under running water.

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