Chocolate Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%

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85% chocolate made from a carefully selected combination of different types of cocoa from Central America, Africa and Java. Intense yet soft chocolate, pleasantly balanced taste .

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Awards from international competitions:

  • bronze medal, Academy of Chocolate, London, 2011, category "Bean to Bar - Best Dark Bar"

  • silver medal, Academy of Chocolate, London, 2016, category "Best Dark Bean to Bar Over 80%"

Ingredients: cocoa paste (cocoa, pure cocoa butter), unrefined cane sugar, genuine Bourbon vanilla. May contain traces of nuts , milk and gluten .

Exceptional raw material quality: Michel Cluizel really cares about raw materials. He even patented the "Nobles Ingredients" trademark , which in practice means that he uses in his products:

  • only pure cocoa butter, free of any vegetable fats,

  • cane sugar instead of beet sugar,

  • natural Bourbon vanilla instead of vanillin,

  • does not use soya lecithin or artificial flavors,

  • and all products are 100% free from genetically modified organisms.

Weight & size: 70 g, 161 × 79 × 7 mm

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