Chocolate Michel Cluizel Grand Noir 85%

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85% chocolate made from a carefully selected combination of different cocoa varieties from Central America, Africa and Java. An intense yet delicate chocolate, pleasantly balanced in flavour.

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Awards from international competitions:

  • Bronze medal, Academy of Chocolate, London, 2011, category "Bean to Bar - Best Dark Bar"

  • Silver medal, Academy of Chocolate, London, 2016, category "Best Dark Bean to Bar Over 80%"

Ingredients: cocoa mass (cocoa, pure cocoa butter), unrefined cane sugar, real Bourbon vanilla. May contain traces of nuts, milk and gluten.

Exceptional quality of ingredients. He has even patented the trademark "Nobles Ingredients" (or "noble, noble ingredients"), which in practice means that he uses in his products:

  • only pure cocoa butter, without any added vegetable fats,

  • cane sugar instead of beet sugar,

  • natural Bourbon vanilla instead of vanillin,

  • no soya lecithin or artificial flavours,

  • and all products are 100 ez GMO-free.

Weight and size: 70 g, 161×79×7 mm

Čokoládovna Michel Cluizel

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