Trung Nguyen CREATIVE 8 (Cibet coffee)

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Top of the line Trung Nguyen coffee! Enzymatic artificial simulation of Cibet coffee, identical to real Kopi Luwak, but without the animal suffering! Very sweet to chocolate taste.

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Trung Nguyen

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Coffee roasted every week

Taste: very sweet to chocolatey, similar to Cibet coffee
Country of origin: Buon Me Thuot, Viet Nam
Type: Arabica, Excelsa
Content: 250g, ground

Enzymatic simulation of Cibet coffee (vegan)

Kopi Luwak coffee is created through the mouthparts of the Cibet beast . This method is now considered by many people to be not only disgusting (roasting is essentially feces) but also unethical. As a result, a cheaper version has been developed where the Cibetan's stomach enzymes are produced synthetically, so that the coffee does not come into contact with the animal.

The result is very impressive and almost indistinguishable from the real thing. Thanks to its ethical production, it can also be called as civet vegan coffee.

This process gives Legendee coffee a very sweet flavour, so even those who are used to sweeten it probably won't. Cibet coffee is highly prized, but we also bring it to you at a low price thanks to this technology !

Trung Nguyen coffee is different

Trung Nguyen coffees are very different from the classic coffees we are familiar with, which is guaranteed to surprise you. They generally have a subtle earthy taste with a sweet chocolate aroma. In Vietnam, they are drunk with condensed milk, sugar and ice chips, creating a cooling drink with a completely addictive taste. Coffee is traditionally prepared using a Phin filter, however, it is possible to use a French press in the European version.

Why is coffee ground?

If this question also comes to mind, there's a reason for that too. The coffee is ground directly in Vietnam using traditional technology, and this also gives it a specific aroma and the ideal coarseness for preparation in a Phin filter. Although it's against the classic gourmet's wishes, the coffee retains its specific aroma even in this way in the vacuum packs.

Learn more about making Vietnamese coffee in our section Coffee preparation - Vietnamese coffee.

Trung Nguyen
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Trung Nguyen Coffee Creative 8 250 g
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100% Arabica

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