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Chelbesa Danche is a new addition to our offer. The coffee comes from Ethiopia and boasts organic certification.

Chelbesa is the first of three locations that SNAP Coffee owns in the area. The company was founded in Addis Ababa back in 2008 by Negusse D. Weldyes. The company currently operates three washing and processing stations in the districts of Chelelektu, Kochere in the Gedeo area and partner stations in the districts of Uraga (Guji) and Nensebo (West Arsi). Thus, on average, it delivers about 550 farmers to each station. Danche is located at 2100 m above sea level, near the town of Worka in Gedeb district. Chelbesa is also the largest cultivation area in Gedeb district with a total area of 1240 hectares. The station purchases cherries from approximately 313 surrounding farmers who consistently produce a quality crop due to the fertile soil and good farming practices. The Danche station also boasts organic certification, which as a result increases the farmers' yields. The cultivars grown here are mainly Welisho, Kurume and Ethiopian indigenous varieties. Girum Assefa is responsible for the management and supervision of the station, ensuring that quality standards are maintained.

Local farmers here allow the cherries to ripen properly before harvesting, knowing that this increases the resulting sugar content. They also believe that their god will let them know when the time is right and they can start harvesting.

Processing - The cherries are picked by hand and then also sorted by hand. Once the farmers bring them to the station, they are shelled on a traditional Agaarde disc machine, which strips the cherries of their skin and flesh. They then go to the sorting channels where the machine sorts them into 1st or 2nd quality depending on their density.

Fermentation - The cherries are further fermented for 72 hours followed by washing and further sorting according to density. The lower density (lower quality) is left floating on the surface and is left aside, while only the denser and therefore higher quality grains remain in the channels and are separated as higher quality batches. Once the sorting and fermentation is complete, the cherries are left to soak for about 2 hours in clean water to get rid of any residual pulp. Drying and hand sorting - This is followed by drying, in which the grains are spread out in layers 2 cm high and dried for 10 days, depending on the weather. This is followed by further hand sorting for 2-4 hours to ensure maximum quality.

Farm: Danche Station

Altitude: 2300 m above sea level.

Processing: Washed

Variety: Wolisho

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