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Rusty Nails Coffee Colombia El Llanete 250g, beans

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Taste the great coffee of Colombia El Llanete from the Rusty Nails Coffee Selector.

Profile: caramel - milk chocolate - plum - roasted hazelnut

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Juan Saldarriaga is a medium-sized producer who works to change farmers' mentality and improve knowledge in fermentation and dry processes . The most important challenge for this project is infrastructure development. Juan helps farmers improve the quality of their coffee by carefully picking, processing and drying.

The biggest challenge for him was drying due to humidity and temperature. Juan constructed a high bed drier. He also installed a machine that can dry with cold air, software can adjust temperature, airflow, and so on to create profiles on different coffees.

Origin: Colombia
Name: El Llanete # 1
Region: Antioquia
Processing: Washed
Variety: Mixture / Miscellaneous
Recommended for: Espresso
Importer: Nordic approach
Microlot from these farms: El Plan, Palo Blanco, La Esperalda and El Periquito
Profile: Caramel - Milk Chocolate - Plum - Roasted Hazelnuts - Sweet


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