Mamacoffee Espresso blend Dejavu 100g

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Mixture 100 rabik Dejavu is carefully assembled for the ideal espresso. It is also suitable for preparation in a moka pot and in a jazva.

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What does the Mamacoffe roastery say about coffee?

The Dejavu espresso blend contains 100 Brazil and Nicaraguan roasts, which are roasted separately and blended in the correct proportions after roasting.

100 Brazil Bananal rabika comes from the family farm of our favorite Brazilian farmer and friend, Paulo Toledo Campos. This is the third coffee we have selected directly from Paul's farm. In addition, we were personally involved in the processing and harvesting of this coffee last year. Fazenda Bananal is the first farm that Paulo's grandfather owned and where Paulo grew up. Over 5 hectares of the farm are covered by rainforest, which supports the species diversity of the surrounding area. The coffee delighted us with its full body with sweet notes of yellow melon.

We have known and been friends with Nicaraguan farmer Byron Corrales personally for several years. His coffee farm Los Pinos (The Pines) is a totally unique example of man and nature living together, which has had a profound impact not only on the conditions for growing coffee in the Matagalpa area, but also on the lives of the local people by improving the sources of drinking water and electricity.

Byron began growing coffee with his father during the Nicaraguan Revolution in 1986. Although he graduated from an agricultural university where he was taught exclusively conventional farming, he decided early on in his farming career to go the all-natural route. On his 30-hectare farm, he built a self-sustaining system with long-term ecological sustainability in mind by linking the relationships between plants, animals and other local resources. He uses a wide range of proprietary practices and tools for fertilization, nutrition and plant protection, from his own compost to unique biological controls for growing coffee trees.

Thanks in part to his personal attention to each coffee plant throughout the year, his coffees are annually ranked among the best of Nicaragua.

We are delighted to have our Nicaraguan team working with Byron Corrales. Combining Byron's experience and approach with the experience of our team - Nicaraguan coffee specialist Chepe and multiple Czech cuptasting champion Zuzana Cerna, has created a great coffee that you must try!


Brasil fazenda Bananal

  • Country of origin.
  • Region: Franca, Alta Mogiana
  • Producer: Paula Toleda Campos family
  • Altitude: 980 m above sea level.
  • Variety: yellow bourbon
  • Processing: natural
  • Degree of roasting: medium
  • Taste: sweet yellow melon and cane sugar, milk chocolate, well balanced and full-bodied
  • Body: full-bodied, round
  • Acidity: low, sweet
  • Direct Trade

Nicaragua Aranjuez Don Byron Corrales

  • Country of origin: Nicaragua
  • Region: Matagalpa
  • Producer: Don Byron Corrales
  • Altitude: 1 200-1 300 m above sea level.
  • Varieties: caturra, yellow catuai
  • Harvesting: by hand
  • Processing: washed
  • Degree of roasting: sWed
  • Flavour profile: cocoa, walnut, plum, nougat notes, well balanced
  • Nose: balanced, cocoa, walnut, with hints of plum
  • Body: medium, creamy: medium, creamy
  • Direct Trade

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