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Cherry is a high quality strong and intense Robusta with a slightly chocolate taste, higher bitterness typical of Robusta and also with a higher caffeine content, which is up to 2 times higher than Arabica.

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The second most common coffee plant is the Coffee Arabica or Robusta. Robusta is especially popular among coffee lovers due to its high caffeine content. Coffee made from Robusta will surely relieve you of fatigue, as it contains up to 2 times more caffeine than Arabica. Another great advantage of Robusta is its beautiful crema, which is darker and beautifully high. Robusta is very often used in blends with Arabica. Arabica adds flavor and aroma and Robusta adds the desired strength, crema and high caffeine content. With the right ratio you achieve a really great result. On the market today you can find Robusta of various qualities, from downright bad ones to those that can be compared to the best Arabicas. One of the best Robustas you can get is India Cherry.

Origin: Robusta likes heat and humidity to grow and India, which is the world's largest producer along with Vietnam, Brazil and Indonesia, provides 100% of that environment. Our robusta comes from the Indian state of Karnataka. Here, coffee trees grow mainly in mountainous areas. Indian robusta is also characterised by the unique processing of the beans using the so-called moonsoning method. After harvesting, the coffee is exposed to several weeks of cold winds and monsoon rains, which have a real force in India, and thus acquires a very specific taste for itself, for which it is sought after by many.

Taste: Robusta is simply stronger than Arabica and is also more bitter. It is a strong coffee with a beautiful high crema. Underneath the typical pungency, you will eventually discover chocolate notes. Cherry is not acidic, it has medium to low acidity. It is a strong, intense coffee that you will appreciate especially when you need a real pick-me-up. The caffeine content is around 250mg per cup, while Arabica has a lower content, around 120mg.

100% Robusta (For more information on Robusta, click)
Roasting grade: City

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Gourmet Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
Gourmet Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
Gourmet Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
Káva Indie Cherry, zrnková, 250 g
100% Robusta

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