Tamper Motta 58.4 mm

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Professional coffee tamper Motta with stainless steel base and wooden handle. Diameter: 58.4mm.

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An indispensable tool for every barista is a tamper or press (coffee frother). When making espresso, pressing the coffee in the lever is really important. Properly, the coffee should be pressed with a force of 20kg. If you don't know what that force looks like, just put a homemade scale on your kitchen table and lean into it with the tamper in your hand. You can easily see what a 20kg force looks like. If you squeeze the coffee with less force, the espresso will flow too quickly, and conversely, if you squeeze the coffee with more force, the espresso will flow too slowly.

Definitely recommend the metal, heavy duty tamper, they are very pleasant to work with.

TheMotta professional tamper has a metal base and an ergonomic wooden handle and weighs 350g.

When buying a tamper, it is important to know what diameter the lever of your coffee machine is. This Motta tamper has a diameter of 58.4 mm.

Material: stainless steel, wood
Colour: black
Weight: 350g
Height: 100mm
Diameter: 58.4mm

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