Grinder Hario Prism MSA-2-B

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The Hario Prism MSA-2-B grinder is a quality hand- made coffee grinder with ceramic stones and aluminum body. The mill is ideal for home milling and for grinding on the move.

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Hario Prism Mill is thanks to its metal body, it will become an ideal partner for the journey , and it will take its simple, elegant look .

The handle of the mill is firm and easily detachable , ending with a hexagon .

The bottom of the coffee grinder is covered with silicone rubber , which prevents slipping. An interesting element is the lower container, which allows quick and easy access to the ground coffee, just pull it.

The ceramic grinding stones of the Hario Prism grinder ensure precise and consistent grinding , are firm and do not affect the taste of the coffee. Of course, it is possible to adjust the roughness of grinding for the particular method of preparing coffee by simply turning the nut on the underside of the grinder.

Capacity of the coffee bean container: 24g.

Width: 14.5 cm
Height: 20 cm

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