Electric grinder Wilfa Uniform WSFB-100S silver

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Elegant electric coffee grinder Wilfa Uniform WSFBS-100S from the Norwegian brand Wilfa, which has 58 mm flat stones. Grind for espresso too.

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The Wilfa Uniform electric grinder from the Norwegian brand Wilfa is a high-quality grinder for experienced as well as beginning domestic baristas. The mill was designed by Norwegian barista Tim Wendelboe.

Like all quality electric grinders, this one has grinding stones made of quality steel . The grains are not chopped, but are crushed one by one. The grinding stones are robust and ensure fast and perfect grinding.

The main advantage of the Wilfa Uniform grinder is the sensitive setting of the grinding roughness (41 levels from fine to coarse).

  • The body of the grinder is made of durable materials (aluminum and steel).
  • The high-quality flat 58 mm wide grinding stones grind at lower speeds, so the coffee does not heat up.
  • Simple design, compact dimensions.
  • Easy operation - you can adjust the roughness by simply turning the top. We recommend it mainly for the preparation of alternative methods, but it also grinds coffee for espresso.
  • Auto Stop - ground coffee detection.


Material: plastic, aluminum, metal
Hopper capacity: 75 g
Color: silver
Weight: 4 kg
Height: 38 cm
Width: 20 cm
Diameter: 20 cm
Manufacturer: Wilfa

1966 7044876057754
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