Coffee grinder Porlex Mini II

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Version II from 2020. Thehand grinder for coffee from the Japanese brand Porlex is considered by coffee lovers worldwide to be one of the best ever.

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The new version has more than 2x finer coarseness settings and 30% faster grinding speed. The original one click change in coarseness meant a change of 80 microns of metre, now only 37 microns, in practice this means that the grinding coarseness can be adjusted much more precisely. The new grinding stones also grind 30% more coffee per turn, so you grind coffee even faster.

Once you've ground your coffee in a Porlex hand grinder, you'll never want another. And you won't have to, because these grinders don't last a year or two, they last a lifetime. Porlex has proprietary ceramic grinding stone technology that makes the grinder uniquely precise when grinding. So you can grind your coffee both very finely for espresso and coarsely for the French press.

The grinder is all stainless steel, including all mechanical components, and the quality of workmanship is so brilliant that even with daily use for several years, it will grind coffee just like the first day. Fast, precise and uniform.

Porlex makes two grinders, the Porlex Tall and the Porlex Mini. Both stand out for their elegance, quality workmanship, durability and precision. They also both fit perfectly in the AeroPress (with this handy smaller version hiding almost the whole thing), so you can easily use this set on the go.

In the grinder, you'll make about 2 cups(20g) of coffee per grind.

We sell the new version from 2020!

Thanks to the handy handle holder around the body and its consistency and lightness (249g), the Porlex Mini is the ideal travel companion.

Height: 13 cm
Material: stainless steel

Japan Porlex
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