1zpresso grinder J-MAX

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Perfectly crafted J-MAX grinder from 1Zpresso with the highest grinding precision, preferably for espresso. Equipped with 48 mm stones, grinding coarseness adjustment in 90 steps.

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The J-MAX is a manual coffee grinder from 1Zpresso, the perfect solution for experienced coffee lovers looking for an espresso grinder.

The grinding mechanism of the J-MAX features 48mm tapered, titanium-coated stainless steel stones with double bearing - all of which ensures precise grinding and proper stabilization.

The coarseness is adjusted via an external circular dial located at the top of the hopper, allowing for quick and easy adjustment. The dial is divided into 9 numbers with additional points in between, making a total of 90 steps for a full turn. Each step varies by 8.8 microns (0.0088 mm).

Use: thanks to the very fine grind setting, the 1zpresso J-MAX is particularly recommended for espresso. The grinder features the highest precision among 1Zpresso grinders.

Thecapacity of the ground coffee container is 35-40 grams, which makes it possible to grind the perfect amount of coffee for several people at once. It is easily attached with a magnet.

The body of the grinder is solid and made of high quality materials. The aluminium alloy body is sleek and durable.

Theinner parts and the handle are made of stainless steel. In addition, the handle of the handle is made of elegant wood.

The size makes it a great grinder for home use - its height is 18 cm, diameter 5.7 cm and weight 775 grams.

The grinder can be easily disassembled and cleaned

Included: cleaning brush and carrying case.


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